Table water purifier

Water purification elf in kitchen

The focus of cooperation between TGS and Barsone is to establish the product PI characteristics of Barsone desktop water purifier based on the         advanced water purification treatment technology of Barsone and adhering to the rigorous and meticulous German processes. Therefore, the internal structure of water purifier is integrated and operating procedures are simplified, thus making the whole size of the product more compact. Gentle arc   shape and simple lines are used along with color collocation,which makes the water purifier look like a lady with rhythm, being beautiful and graceful. It is in conformity with the design style of European style kitchen and is suitable to be used in modern rooms and kitchens. 360 °rotating water flowing     unit is designed at the water collecting area for the convenience of users to use it in different direction.                   

What is more, considering product sale, we tries our best to reduce the manufacture cost in design and structure as possible to maximize the product   value, thus bringing the maximum profits for customers.


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