Enjoy aromatherapy SPA at any time

Enjoy a comfortable life

Aromatherapy machine is a daily life article used to optimize the environment and improve the physical and mental health of users by the unique charm of fragrance. Aromatherapy machine becomes a fashion in modern times which is a builder for users to pursue a high quality life.                   

After study on the product, we found the existing aromatherapy machines are designed in home furnishing style which can not meet the application in   the commercial environment. Therefore, we have re-defined the product and designed it mainly with a simple and generous design method to improve the detailed design of product and present a image of steadiness, conforming to the design style and characteristic of commercial articles.           

In the meanwhile, exposed perfume bottle structure is designed so that users can learn the use condition of perfume in time and the operating               procedures of replacing bottle is simplified. What is more, we have re-defined the function and pattern of product keyboards and optimized operating   area to make the operation more convenient. Light elements are used to gain balance between visual experience and operational convenience;           product structure is improved and noise from air pump is reduced, thus improving users’ experience of this product.


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