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Setting off a wave of payment terminal product innovation

As to several years of POS design experience of TGS, POS terminal design should not only meet the requirement of bank card consumption, self-       service payment and other e-payment functions, as well as with the functions of commodity inventory management, catalog sales, advertising and so   on, but also should segment in different application environment , making it be used in citizen payment sites, business hall, high-end hotel and clubs,   brand stores, etc.                

At the initial stage of design, we continuously studied the application environments of POS terminals, simulated the operation, experienced the using   process, and conducted a planning analysis over PAX brand product line, with a hope to reform traditional POS terminals from different perspectives.

On the design of D800 as a compact self-service payment terminal, we considered that we should restore the ATM self-service experience for             customers, match metal key and automatic card reader with the product, and creatively employ pad design style, naturally corresponding with pad       operation. Anti-disassembly design in the printer cover is employed to avoid that the printer can not work properly due to the lack of paper.

Operating interface being easier to use

From the pre-research of product concept to realization of product design of D800 for Pax, and then to the operating interface being easier to use, we   re-allocated the interface to make more comfortable visual experience and more accurate operation, making it better meet the era trend and industry   demands, and thus providing more humane operating experience of products.