Study the future trend of intelligent payment tools with PAX

Creating a revolutionary product 

During the design process of D820 for Pax, TGS team has conducted new investigations and field practice of payment products, continuously updated &optimized the definition of products, and decided to break the dull and old-fashioned payment experience of traditional ECR,  making a new definition of product functions and pattern.                        

D820 is a revolutionary product perfectly combining art and function which is an “integrated”  sales system for a complex commercial cash collection   environment. Based on the rapidly developing Pad and mobile applications, D820 becomes the first integrated design within the industry by virtue of     the most advance POS system with mature safety. Different sizes of Pad from third parties are supported, the point-to-point requirement of all common retailing external devices is combined, automatic paper-cutting printer, customer display interface, cash box interface, barcode scanner and PIN input   keyboard  and other related modules are supported, and other external payment devices, including Apple payment are also supported.