Plan systematically an overall product line for Landi 

Customized for mobile payment demand

Landi P990 is a new generation of and carefully designed intelligent PDA POS by applying a deeply customized and secure payment operating system based on Android. It complies with the security standards for PCI PTS and China Unionpay POS terminal,  integrating the e-payment function of bank magnetic stripe card and financial IC card, and functions of intelligent mobile terminals. Landi P990 is not only light, compact and good-looking, but       also equipped with a super battery standby performance and good outdoor operation.               

It is specially tailored for the needs of mobile payment which can meet the requirements of high performance PDA POS in such applications as             logistics & courier, mobile retail and other industries. It provides a mobile payment terminal product solution which is secure & reliable, powerful in         function, flexible in applying secondary development and perfect in operating experience.


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