A hand-held wireless payment terminal perfectly combining with intelligence 

The first payment terminal first applying touch key

Pax D200 is a payment terminal perfectly combined with intelligence, being secure, compact and portable. It can meet the payment requirements of     Anyone at Anywhere and in Anytime if connected to intelligent device via wireless (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi) or cable. The separation of payment logic with       business logic of customers minimizes the payment system to the largest extent. At the meanwhile, it meets various value-added and customized         applications of customers by connecting to an open intelligent device, presenting as an pioneer of leading financial POS design.                         

Pax D200 is a payment  terminal first applying touch key design which specializes in card acceptance function (Magnetic card, contactless IC card,     contactless IC card) with high safety guarantee, meeting the PCI PTS 3.0securety specifications and effectively protecting the sensitive data of card     holders and merchants.