Committed to building a multi-level payment products to meet the different     market segments

The future trend of e-payment 

In recent years, financial e-payment terminal develops rapidly while  intelligent e-payment terminal is in the initial exploration stage with huge market   development room. During the design process of A 920 and the initial design stage of the product, we learnt that PDAPOS migrates from WINCE to     android in such industries as logistics distribution, with a seamless access to internet; multi-function-in-one and convenient-for-allocation  mobile           terminals are needed for continuously developing large-sized supermarkets cash collection scenarios; POS machines with built-in bank card, GPS,     camera, scanning, and larger color screen, more open operating system, more convenient software development & updates and more POS solutions   are favored by merchants. In addition, the huge mobile internet group is younger, so they are costumed to and can deepen in using mobile transaction and consumption places, being willing to try the all new consumption experience brought by new payment technology and modes. 




Subversive design of traditional financial POS machine

A920 is a subversive design of traditional financial POS machines which is a perfect combination of art and function, being the future trend of               e-payment. In addition to traditional cash collection function, it can be used for commodity management, inventory counting and value-added services, as well as for the collection and analysis of big data of user consumption behaviors, merchant business, and so on. A920 applies 5 inch capacitive       touch screen, Android operating system, A7/4 core processor, dual-camera: 2 million fixed focus responsible for 1D/2D data acquisition, 500 zoom       responsible for image capture. In order to adapt to the more diverse application environments, it is equipped with a multi-function base (no matter what kind it is, mobile or fixed), which provides a final comprehensive solution.