Intelligent vehicle networking service terminal 

Subversive intercom design

In the wave of Web3.0, vehicle networking services have been developing rapidly and competition in this industry is increasingly fierce, so those         companies not in conformity with demands have gradually been eliminated. Ecar Telematics is a company focusing on the personalized vehicle           networking service experience of vehicle owners, and spares no efforts in providing secure, convenient and comfortable vehicle networking services     for customers. After years of operation, Ecar has established a mature O2O service platform. In order to provide good services for users and improve   competitiveness, TGS is invited by Ecar to design an intelligent vehicle networking service terminal working in O2O mode.             

TGS conducted an in-depth research on users, application environment and industry market, proposed the functions including “one-key service”, ”wifi hot spot”, ”audio media” and “owner intercom” by working with Ecar and with brave creativity after careful examination, and created an intelligent         vehicle networking service terminal with completely new experience for Ecar which is fashionable and proper in appearance, powerful in function and   compact in size through accurate understanding of consumer aesthetic preferences and structural innovations.