Intelligent financial payment POS terminal


All-round payment solution


In recent years, the market layout of intelligent financial payment POS terminal has expanded rapidly and penetrated into each industry and scenarios of market at the fastest speed. Centerm C919 is a successful layout in such an environment, and presents in financial payment terminal market as a   pioneer.

In this design, Centerm C919 not only continues the cash collection function of traditional financial payment POS machines, but also combines             payment solutions. The functions including CRM, commodity management, inventory counting, value-added serves and big data collection of user       consumption behaviors and merchants’ business, as well as digital analysis of service development discipline of internet at today and in the future,       provide a multiple and complete payment and cash collection management solution for merchants.        

Centerm C919 intelligent hand-hold POS machine not only meets all-round payment demands for customers,  but also is a compact financial payment   terminal coming with fashion. Double injection molding, novel color collocation and streamlined shape building provide more selecting possibilities in     different payment scenarios.