Cooker industry stays at the stage of development with non-deep brand accumulation. There is no fixed visual image in most of domestic cooker           brands. Means of following fashion is often taken to pursue commercial profits. There is no strict inspection in the quality, so the image of mess and     bad quality of the introduced products is presented to customers finally.           

In the traditional concept of consumers, foreign brands are often high-end brands and the prices are usually higher. That is because the control in       product quality of foreign brands is strict. However, the acceptance of foreign products with relatively higher price by consumers is not high.  

TGS Design has positioned the image of European type cookers for a great proportion of the domestic low-end cooker market,  making the image of     products itself close to that of foreign brands. Take the unique stand pot cover of Midea as the visual memory point, and amplify the brand image of     the product itself. In addition to characterized appearance, Midea takes advantages of process and brand image itself to be prior to those products in   the market at the same price.