More compatible payment terminal

The development of internet and internet of things has been changing people’s consumption habits continuously. The continuous development and     upgrading of non-cash transactions like card consumption and online transaction drive the non-stopping evolution of payment products. Payment         products combining with different payment methods can better meet the payment demands of different customers. Therefore, Pax and TGS jointly       developed D300-an intelligent pad payment base.                    

In order to make intelligent pads work better together with payment products, TGS integrated several kinds of payment methods, and the design           concept of separation between commercial logic and payment business logic was applied for the purpose of making customers allocate the application faster and more professionally.         

In order to make D300 fast integrate into the application places of different merchants, we designed rich extensive ports to be used together with cash register, customer display, code scanning gun and so on. The rotating base can be used to input information more conveniently and simply by             merchants and customers, thus improving the operating experience of customers.               

On the visual communication of D300 design, expression of different materials is used and mainstream design language is integrated, leading to a       seamless connection between payment terminal and pads. Together with the highly integrated secure payment function and open business application of pads, we designed an integrated payment means which is the first one perfectly combining with pads.