No cash payment future device based on EMV

Future financial IC device

With the EMV migration of the world's major economies, financial IC card will be used as the main consumption tool in the future. In such an                 environment, SL31 is nurtured and hygiene. SL31 connects intelligent devices via Bluetooth or cable to accept IC card and complete the transaction.   In the meanwhile, the built-in security certificate of SL 31 can be used as individual identity certification, and realizes a secure closed loop from online consumption to offline certification and then payment. The magnetic stripe card reader of SL31 is boldly removed only with IC card left, and mobile       phone capacitance screen concept is integrated to realize password input, electronic signature and other touch experience, meeting different               application scenarios in different areas and different transaction processes like Chip&Pin and Chip&Signature.  The latest security platform of             Broadcom is applied in SL31 with 2.4 inch screen as well as the features of low power consumption and high performance which highlights human-     computer interaction. The integrated design of metal appearance is not only professional but also fashionable.