More detailed and diverse home experience

Domestic water fountain market is becoming increasingly saturated. Taking the advantages of its own R&D, processing, production, costs and so on, Midea gains a  certain market share overseas. There are a large number of brands of water fountains, but the appearance of Midea water fountain is   old and disadvantageous. So in such a context, it is urgent for Midea to make changes.         

This product is mainly supplied for the middle and high-end markets in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Singapore,  Malaysia, etc. After investigation and research, it is found that the average living area in such countries is relatively small,  and they have a large demand on desktop         water fountains which can be placed flexibly. It is often seen that people place the desktop water fountain with a stool to make is a vertical one.      

Based on the above context and environment, TGS holds that there is a market for vertical ones. Can the water fountain be compatible with two kinds of use methods to meet actual situation of users? We have realized it by adding a support accessory. After repeated consideration, TGS holds that the support accessory should not be an inexpensive and rough support. We hope it can be used as a small product with other purposes when it is not       used as a support. Based on the “home-based” concept, TGS Design Team put forward a lot of creative solutions, making a new interpretation of the water fountain.



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