Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk

Combination "low philosophy" with good life

As a leading brand of domestic stew appliances, TONZE has a profound foundation in ceramic materials and electric cooker. It is committed to             providing better use experience for modern families. This time, TONZE chooses TGS to cooperate in developing a fully new category of product.          

The casserole was an indispensable part on the table of Chinese people which was a need to cook a lot of delicacy. However, it requires users to look at the heat for a long time in actual use, and in the meanwhile dishes cooked with the casserole are always complex, so ordinary people have no idea about how to cook. With the increasingly fast life pace, is the “low philosophy” represented by the casserole suitable any longer? Obviously, we do not think so.

Combination of traditional culture and modern science & technology

We borrowed the structure form of TONZE electric cooker. Electronic base is designed: The previous complex cooking becomes quite simple by virtue of the electronic panel and the built-in recipes in the system. High quality clay is used to make the pot body, so the original taste is preserved to the     largest extent. At the same time, we also hope that this product is a whole filled with flavor of life and traditional culture, rather than a pot with a base.                

In addition, considering the sale channels of customers themselves, two kinds of cover and handle are designed for online and offline sales.                

Soon after this design was presented in the dealer meeting of TONZE, it immediately became the focus of the audience.


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