Kitchen artwork

Emotional, high quality and health & safe life concept

Midea double-layer burn proof electric kettle advocates the design concept of letting users to drink healthy warm boiling water. Fully enclosed kettle   mouth, integrated kettle mouth & body and the kettle body with three-layer sealing material are used in the design to seal the temperature within the     kettle in a full range. Even in the case of power failure, the water temperature can be ensured to be moderate, making the heat insulation effect and     length to be in the best condition. In addition, the temperature of the outer surface keeps no higher than 40℃ for the avoidance that the overheated     kettle body may threaten the safety of consumers, thus leading users to form a healthy habit of drinking water and start a healthy life of drinking water. Manual control device is employed for water flowing, which effectively avoids water leakage in the case of accidental slip and ensure the absolute         safety of users during the use. What is more, simple and gentle appearance design highlights the emotional, high quality and health & safe life             concept.


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