The unique growth partner

Designed for children

In the market full of plentiful children's products, how to make our products unique requires not only the innovation of appearance form, but also a       deep understanding of children's psychology, activities and other issues. In the appearance of product design, the team of TGS adopts a childlike and cute design direction with simulating entity. Its overall design is in a round and full shape, coupled with a smooth 2.5D touch screen design, which also shows a sense of integrating. In the top surface of the case, we design two slightly outreaching ear accessories, which play a role of indicator lights at the same time, owning to which, the product looks like a beetle, a frog or the other undefined images. In view of these novel designs, this watch brings unlimited imagination space to children and becomes their unique growth partner. 

In the structural design of the product, we decide to use silicone to seal so as to strengthen its waterproof ability. The straps are adopted the liquid       silicone material to prevent children's skin allergies. In order to provide a comfortable and safe wearing experience for children’s growth, strap and       bottom case are shaped together, which greatly increases the structural strength of the strap part and the stability of the whole product, blessed with   which, the children can still play with amazing ease when wearing the watches.

Precisely position and care for the heart

The issue of the lost children is always a heated topic with which the parents and society concerned. In order to solve this pain point, the BUGA watch can accurately record the children's geographical location and the track of daily activities through the new location technology. It can improve the         indoor positioning capability of the product and increase the positioning reminder, so as to greatly enhance the security of parent-users. At the same     time, equipped with a touch operation, somatosensory identification, wireless charging, home group chat, shaking interactions  and other functional     modules, this product brings a new interactive experience for its children counterparts.