Internet +ECR--a completely new cash collection terminal

Era catalysis, smart & man machine perfect combination

With the internet advantages of application and continuous innovation & upgrading of technology, as well as with the transformation of user                 consumption habits and reform of business operation modes, it is urgent for traditional POS machines to make continuous innovation in pattern reform and function upgrading.   

Compared with internet application platform with short iteration circle and fast update of software version publication, payment industry shows high       requirements on the salability and reliability and there are various industrial certifications with long circles. How to ensure the balance between             payment products and using iteration and upgrading has been a difficulty in payment terminal. Therefore, Hisense HI50 proposes a reasonable           solution, making traditional payment tools catch the bus of science & technology and providing merchants with more diversified fun cash collection       terminals.       

Based on pad and systematic application, Hisense HI50 works with the POS devices with mature technology and high security, supports different         sizes of pas, and combines with the point-to-point payment demands by retailing external equipment of ordinary merchants. The home screen can be   rotated with the support to meet different demands of operating angles, providing merchants with a cash collection system with the best interactive       experience. Various external payment equipment, as well as receipt slip printing, customer display, cash box interface, barcode scanner, PIN keyboard module,and other related modules are supported.