A financial intelligent POS payment terminal born with excellence

Compared with traditional payment POS machines,  the intelligent financial payment POS terminal is born with excellence with more open iteration and simplified update & maintenance. When intelligent science & technology is combined with traditional payment technology, intelligent POS machine is   bound to collide with desirable elements.                

Based on our several years of design experience and the analysis & prediction capabilities on market demands, we know intelligent hand-held POS   machine will move to Android by Wince in the form of PDAPOS, and then has a seamless connection to internet.  In addition, a multi-function-in-one     and convenient- for-allocation mobile terminal is needed in such diversified cash collection scenarios as scattered large supermarket, etc.. 

Yifang P960 hand-held intelligent POS payment terminal applicable to different consumption scenarios, is designed with fashionable design methods, breaks the image of POS devices by applying double injection molding, and combines with functional layout with an integrated color scheme. POS     machine has built-in bank card, GPS, camera,  scanning and big color screen with a more open operating system, convenient for software                   development, iteration and updates. The people-oriented design concept runs through from the function definition to detail designing of the product.