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The Tongue of China is a not just a program introducing delicacy. In the description of food, it integrates the subtle understanding of human-food         relationship, and conveys the wisdom of thinking and aesthetic taste produced in the labor of Chinese people in the past  thousands of years.             Understanding the cooking methods by Chinese people through The Tongue of China, TGS finds that strong mouth feel and nutrition of food materials are focused in the cooking habits of Chinese people. “Stir frying” is the most common technique in cooking which means that, foods are fried quickly   under a high temperature. It not only won’t destroy the nutrition of food, but also makes food crisp and tender.             

But “stir frying” requires instant high temperature of kitchen stove and at the same time a large amount of lampblack will be produced.        

After deeply considering the relationship between Chinese people, food and kitchen appliances, and considering that Chinese people are fond of the   cooking habit of “stir frying”, TGS put forward an overall solution “large heat power gas stove + large suction power small noise hood”. Based on         meeting traditional cooking habits, TGS re-defined the design style and design language for Vanward with consideration to the aesthetic trend of the   new era. TGS has opened up a special product line for Vanward in the kitchen appliance market with increasingly serious homogenization.