NFC transaction era begins

As Apple Pay enters the payment market powerfully, financial payment market initiates the prelude of NFC transaction era. In the meanwhile, Samsung Pay, HUAWEI, Xiaomi and other Android payment terminals also join the group. With the popularity of payment watches in the market, NFC will bring more rich application methods and scenarios.       

In order to satisfy more and more NFC transaction scenarios, Pax password keyboard SP20V4 puts forward higher requirements on NFC user             experience. Visa, MasterCard and Unionpay propose recommendations for card photographing area, and therefore a new type of password keyboard SP20V4 is designed.     

During the design process of Pax SP20V4, the study is focused on the experience of car holders. The card photographing procedures and PIN input   are faced to the card holders to realize more secure payment process.       

The design continues the brand culture of Pax with fashionable & high-end product line design language, reasonable function area layout and refined consumption scenarios. The product is better connected to the current consumed products and traditional financial products, being more suitable for   more diversified consumption scenarios in the future. What is more, the industry-leading PCI V4.x hardware is certificated as the internal support, while edge-cutting design & fully new structure provide customers with better operating experience with longer and higher quality services.