Top sales of Pax payment terminal products

Fully new structure, meeting the demands of merchants

Faced with newly emerging payment product design, at the early stage of design,  we mainly studied such key issues as how to make product             operation more secure and how to make customers trust the product, determined starting from product property and customer demands, and designed the product in a simple, compact and fashionable appearance with metal frame, bringing excellent quality sense for customers and making products     be convenient for carrying and easy for allocation; distinction between material processes presents more reasonable operating areas and strengthens the functional properties of products in conveying secure payment products;  it is designed light and thin with professional functions, and the powerful   functional property image of financial devices are retained, bringing customers the sense of trust in secure payment.

Excellent experience, high security guarantee

D180 applies a fully new software structure which can realize the rapid transplant of industrial applications and rapid allocation of business. The           programs at POS terminal are stable with no need for maintenance. The application programs at the host computer can be downloaded remotely,       which reduces the costs in later development and maintenance. The product is highly cost-efficient which reduces the risk of receipt receivers and in   the meanwhile reduces the burden of small and medium merchants for achieving win-win situation.             

Pax D180 with PCIPTS 3.X certification, is compact, fashionable and light & thin in appearance with high cost efficiency and is easy to allocate, thus   meeting the demands of small and medium merchants. It is connected to intelligent terminals or PC to finish payment process via Bluetooth or USB. It   is characterized by flexibility and convenience as a newly emerging payment terminal,  and realizes the means business of merchants at anytime and   anywhere, bringing you fully new experience. During transactions, the good visibility of the large screen of intelligent terminal provides friendly human-machine interactive experience.


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