Completely new payment terminal of Pax

New and fashionable, high quality experience

Pax D200 mobile POS device upholds the demand concept in payment products of PAX company–simple and fashionable, and breaks the inherent     shape of mobile POS terminal but applies simple, compacy and streamlined design, being convenient for hand-held operation.  It integrates                 consumption-type electronic design elements and blends into the image of equipment products for a balance.

Secure and easy-to-use

Pax D220, designed with 4 inch capacitive touch screen adaptable to the operating habits of users, is focused on the interactive fluency of user           operation. The super compatibility coming with the system brings customers more business room. Exaggerated IC card slot design highlights the touch-type IC function and conforms to the trend concept of IC card payment. The breakthrough design,  low power consumption design and greatly             improved battery life bring customers more free transaction experience. In addition, wireless charging function is convenient, fast, and secure without   obstacles. Reliable and stable 4G/3G+WiFi+BT communication  network is supported for the convenience of users to choose from and BT                   communication also provides more extensive possibilities for D220.