Creating a MPOS new era

In recent years, with the development of internet and internet of things showing an overall outbreak, logistics business has been spreading                   increasingly in the whole country. What is more, there are increasingly solid economic conditions and rapidly increasing consumption power.               

Number of times of expanding online transactions strengthens the consciousness of non-cash transaction of people. Emergency and popularity of       POS machine becomes an inevitable product o the era development.  Nowadays, with the progress of times and increase of people’s demands, POS machines develop with the patterns like MPOS, password keyboard, PINPAD, Multi-land from the original simple and cumbersome pattern. 

Emergency of MPOS is in conformity with the trend that the number of large supermarkets  becomes smaller while the number of small chain               supermarkets and self-employed businesses gets larger. The characteristics of its short certification time, low price, simple operation and easiness for carrying make it gradually become the best choice for manufacturers and many self-employed businesses.  In addition, MPOS with internet gene has   the potential to be a powerful intelligent device with a multi-point service payment terminal on the strength of its own structure and positioning.  

When facing the finance with more possibilities, TGS decided to totally change the traditional image of POS products. When defining the product         design at the early stage, TGS had a comprehensive consideration of the use status of the existing magnetic strip card, overall cost, human-machine   operation and other factors, determined the design direction with magnetic strip card and PIN input as the orientation, and appropriately enhanced the magnetic strip card function and property through distinction of color and material process by use of the room in magnetic strip card and card guiding   area. The area between the digital keys and function keys in PIN input area is better distinguished via the difference in shape and color, so the           possibility in incorrect operation is reduced. More fashion elements are used at the same time of retaining the powerful function properties of financial devices, thus making the product more flexible and fashionable.