As a senior global design consultant company engaged in e-payment field, TGS is industrial design-oriented, and radiates to the whole product ecosystem. We provide brand and communication design, product strategy design research, user experience and interactive design, industrial design, structure and engineering design, supply chain ODM and other full chain solutions. We help intra-industry top enterprises in enhancing brand value, integrate and seamlessly connect brand strategy, product strategy, industrial design, user experience and product promotion well and realize double type promotion of brand value and performance.

Brand and Communication Design

Complete, uniform and different brand image shows enterprises are in accordance with the trend of times, upgrade and reconstruct in combination of enterprises’ value, culture, concept and vision, and launch a brand new start.

Product Strategy and Design Research

With the rise of internet and mobile payment, changes of industry structure, policy orientation is insufficient to meet the development appeal of new products. TGS in-depth studies disposal environment, merchants’ and consumers’ demands as well as provides more clear thoughts and solutions for product strategy definition and product market segment.

User Experience and Interactive Design

User-centered design deeply explores the merchants’ and consumers’ demands in the trend of intelligent payment, improves the merchants’ service quality, and provides safer, convenient and easy-to-use payment experience for the customers with combination of operators’ service pattern.

Industrial Design

Brand strategy and product strategy are inseparable from accurate product design implementation, and industrial design is the execution and implementation stage of product strategy. With professional experience accumulation in the industry, TGS are able to find out the most suitable industrial design solutions for enterprises quickly and accurately.

Structure and Engineering Design

With more than 20 years of structure design experience, multi-industry comprehensive structure design advantage, 10 years accumulation of e-payment industry, many years of design capability on hardware selection, structure innovation, cost control, PCI 4.0, EMV, LEVEL2 and PBOC2.0, we are able to solve structural problems and production problems for enterprises effectively and provide abundant supply chain resources.

Supply Chain ODM

With mature and complete supply chain resources, we are able to provide one package service for customers, including functional prototype, hardware development, safety certification, mould making and batch production. We help customers in saving cost and putting products into the market quickly.